CBD Infused Lemonade

CBD Infused Pink Lemonade

CBD infused pink lemonade.

 Tastes light and fruity. Naturally sweet. 

Quenches your thirst on a hot summer day.

​Tastes extra satisfying after a work out or at night just to relax. Delicious CBD infused cold drinks. 

CBD Infused Pink Lemonade

CBD infused lemonade.

 Our lemonade drinks come in ready to mix by the glass or the pitcher. ​We have Pink Lemonade infused with CBD or regular Lemonade infused with CBD oil.

​Each order is 8.8 ounces of deliciousness. 

CBD Infused Lemonade

 Ingredients 35% less sugar than any leading regular soda a good source of vitamin C sugar fructose citric acid, contains less than 2% of maltodextrin, sodium citrate, calcium fumarate, ascorbic acid, vitamin C natural and artificial flavor, artificial color, yellow 5, soy lecithin, & CBD hemp. Contains: soy.  8.8 Ounces.