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CBd Infused Dragon Fruit Drink

 Asian legend has it that dragon fruits, or pitahaya as they were once called, were created thousands of years ago by fire-breathing dragons. In parts of Asia, pink pitaya was once highly sought-after and considered to be a rare exotic fruit that was often enjoyed by royalty. 

CBD infused drinks For Sale

CBD coffee is the perfect morning treat to get your day started without the worst parts of the caffeine buzz. If you haven’t tried the blend of coffee and CBD oil, get ready to set your anxiety on snooze and energize your moods with a CBD latte that you’ll want to try tomorrow morning.  

CBd Infused Lemonade

 Tastes light and fruity. Naturally sweet. Quenches your thirst on a hot summer day. ​Tastes extra satisfying after a workout or at night just to relax. Delicious CBD infused cold drinks.  



CBD Infused Drinks

CBD Drinks and beverages are said to ease pain and anxiety (though it doesn’t get you high—that’s the job of THC, CBD’s cousin) “I’ve been working with CBD for years now so it’s fun to see the enthusiasm grow,”  “One of the most common questions I get is how to use it, which is why I created this drink. It’s a super easy (and delicious) way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine.” You buy a ready made all natural CBD lemonade and iced tea mix with water and Boom! You have the most refreshing CBD drink that is actually good for you, refreshing and so soothing, with healing properties.

The excitement surrounding CBD infused Drinks and Beverages lies in the potential for a new functional healthy drink. A drink that raises alertness levels without putting you on “edge”, yet is also speculated to help ease many medical problems, such as insomnia, anxiety, arthritis, headaches, seizures, pain, body aches, vertigo, panic disorder, ADHD and ADD. 

It is said and believed that caffeine interacts with CBD in a good way, complimenting each other. People who drink CBD in there Teas and Coffees believe that CBD’s mellowing effect dampens caffeine jitters. This works wonders by waking you up, increasing your ability to function without the stimulation of caffeine and the coffee rush or jitters.

Despite a limited body of scientific research, there appears to be some evidence supporting the benefits of a balanced CBD to caffeine ratio. This makes CBD drinks and beverages a #1 HEALTHY Choice!


 CBD infused hot and cold drinks for sale.  We have juices, smoothie mixes, hot coffee, hot teas, hot chocolate iced coffee, ice tea and even lemonade.

About Us


How we came up with these fabulous CBD Infused Drinks

 Hi, I'm Robyn the CEO & Founder of CBD Hemp Drinks. 

When I was younger I remember going away to various beaches and exotic Islands in the Caribbean. The waiter would serve me the most refreshing hydrating drinks, that were so soothing and quenched my thirst to the last drop. It was truly amazing sitting on the beach sipping these drinks. 

I decided to come up with a nice cold refreshing rejuvenating drink that's so healthy for you and added CBD to it. CBD is known for its Natural Healing Agents. Together we have been able to bring you the best of both worlds! 

Just A Few Of Our Many Delicious Drinks